Our Process

Clients engage in our Wealth Management and Financial Planning services because they have identified important, high priority goals, but do not have the expertise or time to properly create a strategy that will meet their needs. The engagement process consists of defined steps to create a plan that will help position clients to pursue their goals.

The TWG Process includes the following steps:

1) IdentifyInitial meeting is used to understand what the client is trying to accomplish and thoroughly understand the goals and circumstances. We will decide together if we move on to Step 2.Initial Meeting is typically an hour in time. If we agree to move forward, we will request statements and documents to be forwarded or delivered in five to 10 days.
2) Gather InformationWe will provide a Financial Planning Questionnaire, a link to complete a risk profile, and review documents and statements provided by client.This data-gathering process should be completed 1 – 2 weeks after the initial meeting.
3) Develop Financial Plan and Evaluate OptionsBased on all information provided by the client, we will develop an initial draft of a financial plan complete with recommendations, where appropriate.This is the second meeting and is typically an hour to 90 minutes. This meeting is typically scheduled 2 – 3 weeks after the initial meeting. Sometimes a third meeting is needed and typically lasts and hour. If a third meeting occurs, it is scheduled within one week of second meeting.
4) Implement Financial PlanClient agrees to actionable items identified in Step 3 and becomes a member of the TWG Wealth Planning Family. Financial Plans are supported by RightCapital. Clients will have 24/7 access to their plan. Clients can aggregate all accounts into one portal.Our team will prepare all necessary paperwork and forms and send out via DocuSign to make the process easy for the client. Our team will manage the transfers or ACH transactions. Accounts transferred from other institutions typically can take 2 – 3 weeks. Clients will receive access to view their accounts and financial plan online.
5) Monitor Financial Plan and Provide On-going ServiceWe will have regularly scheduled meetings, 1 – 2 times per year, to review your financial plan and investment portfolio. We engage with clients as needed in the event something materially changes the plan, new job, baby, etc. We also provide opportunity to engage with our investment management team through Quarterly webinars.Annual Reviews and Mid-Year Reviews typically last an hour. Clients are able to schedule their meetings through our scheduling software, OnceHub. Clients can schedule in-person, Zoom, or phone reviews. Clients receive emails as a reminder when it is time for a Review.