Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Helping Business Owners find the right Plan for their business and employees

Helping Business Owners find the right Plan for their business and employees

As a plan sponsor and fiduciary to your company’s retirement plan, you have certain responsibilities to ensure optimal investments, reasonable fees, and informed participants. An ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) Fiduciary Advisor can assist you in navigating the waters with confidence to create a best practice retirement plan. We take pride in educating your employees on the blueprint we help you develop for both the plan design features and investment options.

We strive to help companies meet their goals by offering our best practices through a Retirement Plan Consulting Program, using an effective approach, strategic planning, and offering a high level of proficiency to help employees with their retirement needs.

Attributes that best describe our Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans service: 

  • Retirement Plan Experience- We demonstrate true comprehension and professionalism through a Retirement Plan Consulting Program.
  • Fiduciary Status- We acknowledge in our service agreement that we work either as an ERISA 3(21) co-fiduciary or a 3(38) fiduciary to your plan with respect to the investment advice being delivered.
  • Independence- We evaluate investment choices and providers objectively, independent of your service provider.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of ERISA- We keep your committee updated on litigation, legislation, and regulations impacting plans and fiduciaries.
  • Personal Plan Design Education- We help plans maintain qualified status while continuing to address the goals and objectives of your organization and employees.
  • Investment Expertise- We help you evaluate, select and monitor investment performance; and demonstrate a documented process led by a robust monitoring system.
  • Knowledge of the Provider Production- We demonstrate knowledge of plan fees, expenses and revenue sharing, and can properly benchmark your plan among other service providers.
  • Enrollment and Education Support- Ability to meet with your employees on-site to promote better understanding of their retirement picture.
  • Documentation Skills- Ability to demonstrate procedural prudence in a well-documented manner.