TWG Presents: 2020 NFL Virtual Fantasy Draft

Are You Ready To Join Our Fantasy Draft? See The Rules Below! 

1) You can either join this competition alone or in groups up to 4. In order to win the prize, each participant must be listed with their name and email address on the form on the next page. You must also all be listed on the same registration in order to be considered a team. 

2) Points will be awarded based on how close your selections are to the actual draft order. If the player you select to be drafted #1 overall is drafted #1 overall, then you receive 1 point, #2 pick =2 points, #3 pick = 4 points, #4 pick = 8 points, #5 pick = 13 points, #6 pick = 19 points, #7 pick = 26 points, #8 pick = 34 points, #9 pick = 43 points, #10 pick = 53 points. 


 3) You must be registered with a completed draft by April 23rd at 4:00 pm. 

We will announce the winner of the Amazon gift cards after the draft! 

Best of luck!